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our BUrlingame garbage disposal repair team reccomends the installation of KitchenAid brandIs your garbage disposal over ten years old? If you answered yes you may want to consider upgrading to a more efficient model. One of our Burlingame garbage disposal repair professionals can help you find a garbage disposal that is right for you and install it. A garbage disposal that is not working properly can harm your sewer pipes and end up costing you a lot more money than the cost of a new disposal. Food waste can become trapped in your sewer system pipes.  

Garbage disposals are a great asset to our environment. If we didn't have them our landfills would be full. However, if you have one that is not working properly it can harm the environment. Food that is not being ground well can clog up pipes and create sewage backflow issues. Garbage disposals have advanced in recent years. Today you can purchase a new system that is quieter, safer and more efficient. There are several different brands to choose from such as Insinkerator, Kitchen Aid, and Waste King.

Our Team Can Help You Choose The Most Efficient Model

A Burlingame plumber will help you decide which model is most efficient so you can conserve energy and do your part to preserve the environment. We are familiar with all the latest systems so after you make the purchase, we can install and maintain your disposal so it will last for several years. The majority of systems no longer vibrates and do not require the person to push a button. Jams can easily be cleared with the reverse feature that allows the blade to rotate in the opposite direction.

Get A Garbage Disposal Repair In Burlingame CA Today

our Burlingame plumbers have years of expereinceIn Burlingame, our plumbing company strives to make sure every home in our community is saving money with the most up-to-date modern appliances and fixtures. So call us today and we will give you some tips on how to put money back in your pocket and where to find a garbage disposal that is specially designed just for you.

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